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REGREEN: Health Impacts of Buildings & Interior Materials

CE Credit: 0.1 CEUs

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Length: 1 hour

Course Code: CEU-102985

Adhering to building codes and safety standards is not the only way interior designers protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. Designers also research and vet building materials and FF&E that “first, do no harm” because every countertop, cabinet, and upholstered piece they specify can either contribute to or undermine healthy IAQ. This course focuses on the impact of buildings on human health. It examines classes of chemicals such as anti-microbials, plasticizers, solvents, heavy metals, and flame retardants that adversely affect our endocrine, respiratory, and immune systems, yet are ubiquitously found in building materials and FF&E. This course shows you how to assess the health impact of materials using third-party certifications, HPD, and LCA. It also demonstrates how to determine if building materials and FF&E contain chemicals of concern and, if so, how to research and specify safer alternatives.

Because of the growing number of clients with chemical sensitivities and issues with electromagnetic fields, this course includes methodologies to vet benign options and steps to mitigate exposure. This 200-level course is part of the curriculum for the REGREEN Trained™ certificate program.

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